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We love nice things. 

For many years my wife and I have traveled the world sourcing beautiful things and now we are delighted to bring some of them to you.

Beautiful porcelain tile, natural stone, sleek modern stone resin basins, exquisite mirrors, hand crafted wicker outdoor furniture.  Lovely ceramic platters and industrial inspired furniture.  Timeless light fixtures and delicate Christmas ornaments. 

Langdon Mills began more than a decade ago designing and manufacturing well-crafted bathroom furniture for North American consumers. High Point inspired designs, hardwood frames and veneers sourced from American manufacturers characterized our timeless collections.  Over the next ten years we honed our abilities to find and develop relationships with premier factories located worldwide.  Since 2005 we have added a charming home décor collection, magnificent Christmas and spring seasonal décor collections, outdoor furniture and of course, light fixtures.

We take great pride in bringing you beautiful things that you will love and cherish for generations.  Whether it is a light fixture or a Christmas ornament our goal is to bring you exquisite items at prices we all can afford.

Langdon Mills will never be the largest company in the world but that isn't our objective anyways.  We simply want to share the beautiful things we come across with you and your family.  If you find a treasure in one of our collections that you absolutely love we will have accomplished what we set out to do.  Stay in touch with us.  We value your pictures, your comments and your criticisms.   Email us at we would love to hear from you.

 Len and Denise Greig